Georgia Red Boers
Georgia Red Boers

What's new?

After many years of raising goats, percentage boer goats and the
traditional boer goats we have assembled a small herd of 18 red
and paint boer goats.  We have been able to increase the quality as
we add the winning and popular genetics of some of the leading
breeders in the nation.   
Our goats are great for the environment
We've been in business for over 25 years
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Who we are

We started raising goats on my husband's family farm in Northeast
Georgia.  When it was sold we continued raising livestock on a
smaller scale. A few cows and a lot of goats, some Livestock
Guardian dogs,  a rooster and his hens. We started with the common
native goat, added a few Nubians and then went to the Boer goat.   
What We Do

We raise and sell Boer goats in Northeast Georgia. We have a few  
paints, reds and  traditional Boer Goats heavy with colored genetics
available for sale. We also have traditionally colored Boer goats with
excellent bloodlines for sale.  Visitors are welcome. Call Please. We
don't want to miss you!
Contact Us

2270 Nickville Road NW
                Dewy Rose, Georgia 30634

Phone: 678-908-4596
Georgia Red Boers